Things That Will Make Your Laptop Buying Easier

f lately laptops & notebooks have become a commodity for everyone’s use. It has become a part of daily life & a part of what most people carry around with them. So if you are planning to buy a laptop you need to be aware of a few things that will help you to buy the laptop of your choice.

The first thing you should consider is the screen size of the laptop. The light & thin notebooks available in the market are generally 11- 13 inches & sometimes maybe 14 inches.

The general notebooks will not contain an optical drive as it is energy consuming and also will increase the weight of the laptop. The battery life of laptops with optical drive is 5-6 hours. The thin laptops weigh up to 5 Ibs & the heavier ones with larger screens weigh 5 Ibs – 9Ibs.

Most of the light ones will have 1 GB memory which you can increase up to 2 GB later on if you want to. To be able to do that you need to ensure that your notebook has 1GB memory installed & a 1 GB memory bay which is free.

Sometimes if you are lacking the budget you might opt to get a notebook with 512 MB which can, later on, be increased with 2 1 GB memories. But doing that would be a mistake because the installment of 2GB memory, later on, will cost you much more than what you could have paid for it if you would have bought it along with the laptop. Moreover, the 512 will make your laptop slow & it won’t help your cause to make your laptop operating experience a good one.

As far as the processor is concerned you should opt to go with core2 duo or dual-core. Though a bit more expensive than other processors it will do more justice to the money you are spending.

You need not be so choosey about the hard drive of the laptop. Most of the notebooks have a hard drive of 200GB which is enough for most users. But if you need more than that you can have a hard drive of 400GB.

The use of a graphics card in a laptop depends on the user. Most notebooks offer a power-efficient card that can merely be used as a DVD layback. Some will give you better graphics cards which might be ok for occasional gaming but not suitable for lengthy gaming.

In the case of an operating system always go with the one you feel comfortable with. If you opt for XP then 512MB is obvious for vista 1 GB is enough but 2 GB is always preferred.

With so many new laptops being launched every day in the market if these few things are taken into consideration when buying a laptop can be an easy task.